by Trifonic

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Tommi Jokinen
Tommi Jokinen thumbnail
Tommi Jokinen A solid release from Trifonic. Electronic atmosphere and lovely beats. 4/5 Favorite track: Sooner Or Later.
Vesper thumbnail
Vesper The whole album is a work of love and dedication to sound, so it's hard to choose a single track, but Parks On Fire is probably the definitive piece here, at least for me. Favorite track: Parks On Fire.
Michael Reilly
Michael Reilly thumbnail
Michael Reilly Beauty and technology collide here to form a grand and inspiring sonic adventure. Electronic ambience punctuated by superb female vocals and strong instrumental diversity. Favorite track: Broken.
suchpower thumbnail
suchpower It's a dark sorta beauty... Favorite track: Parks On Fire.
Bern Stock
Bern Stock thumbnail
Bern Stock Probably one of the best electronic albums of all time. Right up there with "Protection" by Massive Attack in my collection. Love this album! Favorite track: Sooner Or Later.
Alkis Livathinos
Alkis Livathinos thumbnail
Alkis Livathinos Simply one of the best electronic albums of the 2000s. Favorite track: Sooner Or Later.
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Emergence is Trifonic’s debut album. It was written and recorded in 2007, and released on February 26, 2008.

About the title:
The term emergence refers to many simple, independent actions giving rise to complex systems and patterns. It’s similar to the concept of order out of chaos. Emergence can be seen in everything from the formation of molecules and the evolution of complex organisms, to behavior in ant colonies and flocks of birds, to traffic patterns and stock markets.

The concept of emergence is applicable in many ways to how we make our music. We typically start with a single sound or idea that we find interesting — maybe a guitar amp setting, a bass note, or just some sort of ambience. Then we begin adding other elements, shaping and refining the sound of each one as we go. This process of layering sounds eventually leads us to the melodies and rhythms that define each song. As a track begins to take shape we start to get a sense of what the finished product might look like. But the track often becomes something very different by the time we’re done with it.


released February 26, 2008

Executive Producer: Trifonic
Produced and Recorded by: Trifonic
Mastered by: Roger Seibel (SAE Mastering)

Label: self-released/Trifonic Music LLC
Publishing: Trifonic Publishing (BMI)



all rights reserved


Trifonic San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Broken
This house is cold and empty
Just a ghost of who I used to be
I stare at my own reflection
Wonder if you’d even recognize me

Last night I heard you whisper
“Everything is fine, I am here, I am here”
Last night I saw your shadow
But when I called your name you disappeared

Who’s gonna say goodnight?
Who’s gonna stop the word from turning?
Who’s gonna numb my pain?
Who’s gonna save me when the sky is crashing down?

I am broken
Track Name: Lies
When you walked away it was the
Saddest day the world has known
Shattered my heart and left me in
Pieces of a broken home
Now you say you need me
Standing at the door
Asking if you can come in
And I can’t say no, I can’t say no

You and I just can’t say goodbye
Every time we do, well
It’s just another lie
I know you’re no good for me, but
Every time I’m with you there’s
Nowhere I’d rather be

We’ve been to hell, been burnt by the
Flames of a pain so deep that
Even the strongest god in the heavens would
Kneel and weep
But here I lie
Pressed against your skin
Right where I want to be
You’re the sweetest sin
Track Name: Sooner Or Later
How happy we are today
The feeling will only escape
No matter who we blame it on
When the thrill is gone, it’s gone, it’s gone
This could be the best we got
And what we got is on our hands
Are you going to the countdown?

Sooner or later it’s all in the past
Sooner or later it floats above the glass
Sooner or later it breaks inside the cast
Sooner or later…

Concrete rubble for concrete dreams
Grains of sand floating in the sea
Passing trains, all the passing trees
Can you heed the whistle please?
Track Name: Good Enough
I will be here when you need me by your side
I will be here once the thrill is gone
I will be here when everything is just right
I will be here after you move on

I’m a rock in the ocean
And you are the tide
You know I am going nowhere
I’m just waiting here for the water to rise

I don’t know how the story ends
And I don’t want to know, so if you do
Don’t tell me
Let’s pretend we write it as we go
Promises are so hard to keep
We say things we don’t mean
You’re here for now is good enough for me